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titan fc 50 results
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Titan FC 50 Results – Raush Manfio vs. Sidney Outlaw

On Friday, June 29, Titan FC hosted its 50th event from the Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Once again, Titan FC 50 did not disappoint, bringing a night of action packed fights. Here are the Titan FC 50 results:

Des Moore Vs Vascar Cruz
RD1) Very evenly matched. Every strike is countered. Great high kicks from both fighters. Very close round but 1st would go to Moore.
RD2) Moore wastes a ton of energy on failed takedowns but remains sharp with his dirty boxing. His size disadvantage is showing in his lack of takedowns. Cruz isn’t using his reach to his true advantage but is tagging Moore with nice shots. Cruz gets the nod for Rd 2.
RD3) Moore tags him real early but can’t follow up. Cruz continues great wrestling defense and keeps Moore on his toes. Moore’s can’t close distance due to kicks so he remains frustrated, getting in whatever shots he can.  Cruz gets the win with the decision.

Titan FC 50 Results: Welterweight
Mike Lilly Vs. Leo Valdivia

RD1) Lilly with the first rd suplex, gets some ground n pound in but nothing major. Fight remains on the ground for the remaining. Valdivia lands a nice combo-when the fighters are stood up but the round soon ends
RD 2) Lilly begins the round with a punishing body kick followed up by a takedown. Valdivia is saved by his cage defense but can’t escape a good beating Lilly takes this round as well.

RD3) Lilly again begins the round with inescapable takedowns and follows up with vicious ground n pound. Leo counters well he just struggles to keep the fight standing.
Lilly wins by unanimous decision

Jeremias Fernandez Vs Arnold Ferdan
RD1) Fernandez shows his elite boxing and footwork. Both men deliver brutal leg kicks. Arnold is shaky on his lead leg causing him to backpedal more than normal. Arnold lands an incredible Superman punch directly on Fernandez’s chin. Great round id side with Arnold
RD2) Fernandez nearly lands a brutal front kick to the face but continues pressing and closing the distance. Arnold seems to be only using jabs and saving his energy for late round bursts but it hasn’t been working to his advantage
RD3) Arnold begins checking leg kicks and subsequently drops his opponent. Fernandez throws a lethal spinning back fist that grazes Arnold’s head. Both men throw knees in the clinch in attempt to break apart. Fernandez finally lands the front kick he’s been trying for all night but the Hawaiian absorbs it and keeps pushing.  A great showcase by both men. Berdon wins by unanimous decision.

Marc Stevens Vs Adriano Capitulino
RD1) Both men are extremely calculated and aware of their opponents power. Stevens manages to Adriano down and does his best to get a shot in but struggles
RD2) Stevens really appears undersized when in the clinch but still continues landing powerful knees to the body.
Close round but size is really costing Stevens.
RD3) Stevens takes a tough low blow and seems to be altered initially but finishes off the round with precision punches and accurate takedowns.
Stevens by unanimous decision

Titan FC 50 Results Recap

Sidney Outlaw def. Raush Manfio by unanimous decision – for lightweight title

Uroš Jurišic def. Jose Caceres by submission (guillotine choke). Round 1, 1:34 – for welterweight title

Gustavo Balart def. Victor Dias by unanimous decision

Rafael Alves def. Beibit Nazarov by submission (guillotine choke). Round 3, 4:30

Marc Stevens def. Adriano Capitulino by unanimous decision

Arnold Berdon def. Jeremias Fernandez by unanimous decision

Michael Lilly def. Leo Valdivia by unanimous decision

Wascar Cruz def. Dez Moore by split decision

Landon Quinones def. Reinaldo Inocencio by TKO (punches). Round 2, 1:00

Gregg Ellis def, Hernan Sosa by submission (kimura). Round 3, 2:46

Lucas Ganin def. Alberto Blas by split decision


Results by David Hoffman

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