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Florida MMA Fighter Valerie Loureda signs with Bellator
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Florida MMA Fighter Valerie Loureda signs with Bellator

Amateur fighters in Florida take notes…Question? Is it possible for an amateur MMA fighter to start their MMA career in 2018, fight 3 MMA fights that lasted a total of 27 minutes and get signed with one of the BIGGEST MMA promotions in the world in that same year ? The answer is YES…just ask Florida Female Fighter Valerie Loureda. Her formula was simple, set a goal from the start, calculate each move, build a team and support group around you that share the same goal, stay away from the ones that dont… and then it’s train, train, train!!!

The fact of the matter is that it only took Valerie 7 months since her amateur MMA debut with Combat Night Promotions ( a Florida based MMA Promotion Company) to sign with Bellator. Bellator MMA is an American mixed martial arts promoter based in Santa Monica, California that is owned and operated as a subsidiary of Viacom. It is the second-largest MMA promoter in the world and features many of the top-ranked fighters in combat sports. That accomplishment in itself should be an indication that whatever she puts her mind into, she will accomplish it in record time!

For those who don’t know Valerie, the moment you meet her, you will feel that there is something special about her. It’s not because she has a 4th dan Tae kwon Do black belt and is a former member of the U.S. Olympic team who currently trains at American Top Team. It’s because of her goals she sets for herself and her outcome in life.

frank louredaI had the honor of sitting down with her and her father, Master Frank Loureda, who served as her grandmaster, training her the “old school ” way. During our dinner I was able to understand her passion for fighting and how she will be able to use that platform to drive attention to her personal goals in making a difference in other people’s lives and in the world.

As I sat there listening to her father and seeing how their relationship as father and daughter ( not as student and master) it was a beautiful thing to see. I even got emotional thinking about my own relationship with my own daughter. Master Frank Loureda has done an amazing job raising this 20 year old fighter who’s mother and two sister’s are also Black Belts in the Martial Artists under Grand Master Frank Loureda.

Valerie loureda is nominated for “Breakthrough Fighter Of The Year” at the 2018 Florida MMA Awards being held at the Miami Convention Center Double Tree in Miami Florida on Feb 3, 2019. We look forward to seeing her on the red carpet to talk more about her fighting career and her Bellator debut.

Valerie was recently interviewed by MMAJUNKIE and this is what she said :

“Honestly, I felt an instant pull toward Bellator because the President, Scott Coker, he shares my same traditional martial arts background, and I know he is as passionate for and he cares as much for martial arts as I do,” Loureda said. “I truly feel at home because he reminds me of my dad and my upbringing in taekwondo, so I’m real excited about this deal with Bellator. I have a really good gut feeling about this.

“I feel like I’m a true martial artist, and MMA has allowed me to portray to the world the honor, discipline and tradition that comes with being a black belt, and Bellator has given me the opportunity to influence the lives of thousands of people, especially women who are looking and are struggling to pursue their passion, so I’m really excited to just get in that cage, confront whoever they put in front of me, and with respect, win that challenge and continue going up and developing.

“I really want to leave my legacy on this world as being the best female martial artist who has ever stepped on this planet.”

We wish Valerie the best in life and her MMA career and we look forward to seeing her on the big screen! For more info about Valerie you can visit her social media pages.