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top 10 submissions

Top 10 quickest mma submissions

Here are the top 10 fastest submissions for decide which one was the "best" submission. Date Event Fighter Method Round Time Win  9/1/17 Fight Time 37 Frederico Moncaio Submission 1 0:00 1 4/1/17 Combat Night Pro 2 Johnny Baldridge…

5 quickest ko’s florida

Top 10 Quickest KO's Below are the top 10 quickest Knock Outs from the Pro-MMA promotions in Florida. Date Event…
florida mma

Florida MMA Stats for 2017

As of November 30,2017,  22 Florida MMA events took place, with 262 Pro fighters contracted to fight. There were 9…

2017 Florida MMA Statistics

Florida MMA Fact: As of October 28,2017, there has been 18 Pro-MMA events, with 230 Pro fighters contracted to fight…