Match Maker

Kenneth Henratty

Kenneth Henratty is a licensed MMA Match Maker in the State of Florida and an MMA fanatic and Muay Thai style practitioner. Kenneth has had the pleasure of training with the famous Blackzilians back in the day. His first stand up coach was Henry Hooft. Also taught by Thiago Silvia, Cosmo Alexander and Diego Peclat.
Kenneth is also the Co-owner and operator of Inside Fighting Radio. A weekly podcast and downloadable on iHeartRadio.
Kenneth has over 25 years in the aviation industry, he also own’s and operate’s a small aircraft maintenance company in south Florida as well as teach aerospace science.
480-307- 4242
Roger Krahl

Roger Khral is no stranger to the MMA world. He is a Black Belt Instructor at ATT Sunrise and has matched many Professional MMA fights through out the State Of Florida.