Cage Rentals

Apache’s MMA Cage Rental

Apache’s Mma Cage Rental is experienced in renting and setting up the cage for such companies like Titan FC, Fight Time Promotions, Shine, CFA, G-Force, MFA and Scorpious FC. Contact Apache for your cage rental today.

South Florida Cage Rentals

South Florida Cage Rentals has your 24 ft, circle, MMA cage for your Professional Mixed Martial Arts event. These are Competition Cages, made for serious MMA promoters running big events in large arenas, using top notch fighters.  These cages are built for the promoter that can not settle for second best.  These cages are built from the absolute strongest steel and the best materials available. For more information on rental rates, contact Zach Oliver with the number provided below.
Ring Rentals of South Florida

We specialize in ring rentals for various events. Wrestling, Boxing and MMA rentals throughout the south florida area.

18×18 Wrestling Ring
18×18 4-5 Rope Boxing/MMA ring
18×18 6 Sided MMA Cage

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