Titan FC execs also looking to start slap fighting promotion, Florida Commission holds off approval

Titan FC execs Lex McMahon and Jeff Aronson seek approval of Florida Athletic Commission for Slap Club promotion

In October, the Nevada State Athletic Commission agreed to regulate slap fighting as a combat sport. In February, the Florida Athletic Commission was asked to approve the “sport” where two people slap each other in face, with defense not allowed, and it has held off on doing so, at least for now.

During the February 22 meeting of the Florida Athletic Commission (FAC), the members of that group considered the following letter, addressed to Florida State Boxing Commission executive director, Patrick Cunningham. The letter, dated November 10, 2022, was submitted to the FAC by Lex McMahon, who is the COO of Titan FC. McMahon mentions that Titan FC CEO Jeff Aronson is his partner for the promotion seeking approval, which goes by SLAP CLUB.

Following the letter, the FAC was provided with the “Official Rules of Power Slap” document.

Bloody Elbow reached out to the FAC following its February meeting. The deputy director of communications for the FAC provided Bloody Elbow with the following statement:

“At this time, the Florida Athletic Commission (FAC) has not made a decision on slap fighting and there is no set date for a decision to be made. The FAC is planning to discuss the matter further with medical professionals at a future meeting.”

Power Slap debuted on TBS in mid-January. The program has struggled in the cable ratings and has been criticized by MMA medianeurologistscongress members and most recently, the New York Times.


I hope this letter finds you well. The purpose of this communication is to make formal request to have the Florida Athletic Commission review my proposal to sanction professional slap fighting in the state of Florida and to allow my new venture SLAP CLUB to promote professional slap fighting in the jurisdiction.


Slap fighting is a new and exciting form of combat sports where athletes exchange open handed single blows to defined portion of the face during a multi-round contest.


Professional slap fighting has become a global phenomenon where videos of contests garner millions of views and live events are attended by large audiences. Professional slap fighting has existed in various forms for years and originated in Europe but is viewed globally.

The sport has many fans, including Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta of UFC fame. White and Fertitta have recently launched Power Slap League and will be holding a kick off press conference tomorrow, November 11th, 2022.

Professional slap fighting has been largely unregulated. However, that is changing as White and Fertitta worked closely with the Nevada Athletic Commission for over a year to create a rule set and safety protocols that would put athlete safety at the forefront. As a result of these efforts, the Nevada Athletic Commission approved regulation of professional slap fighting. White and Fertitta have indicated that they will have a broadcast partner in the near future which will further grow the popularity of the sport.

As the sport grows in popularity, the opportunity for exposure and revenue will increase significantly. The Florida Athletic Commission would benefit by becoming an early adopter of the sport. SLAP CLUB 7

My partner, Jeff Aronson and I have been in the combat sports industry for thirteen years, owning one of the premiere MMA management companies as well as owning and promoting MMA,Kickboxing, and Grappling in Titan FC, LLC. Additionally, Jeff and I bring significant business experience in various industries ranging from consumer goods to investing.


In an abundance of caution and in an effort to ensure athlete safety, the league will leverage our deep bench experience in combat sports to have similar medical requirements, weight classes, and matchmaking that are utilized in MMA and have proven safe and effective. Additionally, the rule set (discussed below) has been designed with athlete safety in mind.

In terms of protective equipment, athletes will be required to wear a fitted mouth guard and ear protection.


Rounds: Three (3) for non-title, Five (5) for title. Each athlete is afforded one (1) slap per round.

Target Area: Side of the face, not to extend behind the ear. Slaps to the front of the face and the back of the head shall not be allowed and are deemed illegal blows.

Judging: A winner will be determined by commissioned judges on a 10-point system similar to MMA or the knockout or technical knockout of one of the competitors.

Referee: A referee will enforce rules and maintain order on the competition platform.


Professional slap fighting is a new and entertaining sport that is poised to be the next high growth sport and as such should be regulated to ensure athlete safety and professionalism of promoters and those looking to capitalize on this unique business opportunity, Slap Club has the experience in Combat Sports and business to bring this concept to fruition in a safe, effective, and exciting manner.

By Trent Reinsmith@TrentReinsmith