Fight PFC

Pillow Fight Championship and FITE Get Together For a Unique Combat Sport

New York, NY and Boca Raton, FL (November 16, 2021)– FITE, The premier global streaming platform for sports and entertainment, in concert with FightPFC, the first Professional Pillow Fight Championship League, announced their plans for the brand’s first-ever live show, “PFC3 Pound Down” from Miami Florida on January 29, 2022. The show will be available on live streaming global pay per view, exclusively on FITE mobile/OTT/ Smart TV apps/partners and online at FITE.TV. FightPFC’s previous event, PFC2 will be available in its entirety as a free offering prior to the live PFC# PPV event on FITE.TV.

FightPFC Pillow Fight Championships quickly evolved into a popular sport as combatants armed with personal strength, speed, stamina and strategic skills, akin to more brutal combat sports but with a massive amount of fast action which attracts and retains consumers. Within the past three months, PFC grew to over 23k TikTok followers and tallied up over 10 Million views via their own social media and partner coverage. With media articles and features from Fox TV broadcasts to the New York Post to ESPN and SportsCenter Snapchat shows that interest in the sport is booming.

Ironically, many of the PFC fighters are professional MMA athletes, drawn to the intense fights and that require top level cardio and skillset workouts but without the injuries of MMA and Boxing. It’s a sport for male and female fighters of all ages and weight classes. The extension into international expansion has already begun with FightPFC recently conducting three separate PFC events in Sao Paulo Brazil in October. It’s not just a pillow, the specialized, patent pending combat pillows are configured with durable handles and rip stop nylon to make a fast and hard hitting fight possible and with exciting sound when a strike is made.

“The “PFC3 Pound Down” is going to be an amazing event, featuring the World’s first bracketed championship fight with a purse. We will also have some very entertaining theme fights with internet influencers and celebrities,” said Gary Jaffe – VP PFC Events and Content. Mark Keys, Head of Digital for PFC remarked, “The excitement around FightPFC has been amazing. We’ve received thousands of comments from people around the country who want to fight. Our goal is to bring pillow fighting to the world so everyone can participate or watch and have fun with a sport they all grew up with.”

Kim Hurwitz, CMO of FITE, said, “I was surprised at how well this new alternative sport endeavor was put together as PFC has a great management team behind it and they seem to be making all the right moves. We think it’ll become quite popular and that’s why we stepped up to the plate. We foresee FightPFC carving out an entirely new audience that wants all the fast action of a great fight without blood or broken bones.”

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