New Florida MMA Podcast Starts out Swinging

2022 starts a new year with a brand new podcast, “The Florida MMA Podcast”. Creator and Founder of the podcast followed the same name as the website, social media handles and more…so it was a no brainer to have named it the “Florida MMA Podcast”.

Why another podcast you say in MMA? Simple. This podcast will bring the aspect of entertainment and mix it with real conversations that people are truly interested in , hearing from experts in the field that cover all basis of whatever topic is being discussed.

But,,,the approach in developing this Podcast has been nothing but normal from the 1st day of its creation. Case in point, the name of the podcast. People can win $200 if they come up with a better, catchier name. If the name is used, the winner will receive $200 and will be on the 1st episode.

Complete the form below and see if your idea is selected.

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