UFC Florida Fans

UFC Florida Visits vs WWE Florida Visits – Not even close !

If you are a UFC fan that lives in the State of Florida, then you have to wonder…why does the UFC come to Florida only once a year? You would also ask , is there not a market for MMA in Florida? I mean come on, isn’t Florida the top state with top fighters in the UFC?

Is it the norm that sports companies come to Florida once a Year?

We decided to compare the WWE Florida Schedule with the UFC Florida schedule for 2019 and see how they compare. The truth is, that it doesn’t…not even close!

UFC – 1 event for 2019

WWE – 78 events for 2019

The UFC is scheduled to be in Florida for 2019 only once . Meanwhile the WWE has events scheduled throughout the State of Florida 78 times in 28 different cities for 2019.

So what does that say about the promotion and the fan base in Florida? Do we have more wrestling fans than we do MMA fans? Or is the WWE just catering more to their Florida fans then the UFC is?