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Florida MMA Facts for 2017

Florida MMA Fact: As of October 22, 2017, there has been 18 Pro-MMA events, with 230 Pro fighters contracted to fight by 8 different Promoters. Out of the 230 fighters who fought in the State of FLORIDA, there are 7 fighters who have fought three times this year,(so far) but only 2 fighters are UNDEFEATED with the record of 3-0 for 2017. Those two fighters areGustavo Eddy Balart Marin who fights for Titan Fighting Championship and Fighter Brok Weaver who fights for Island Fights. The next pro-mma event is scheduled for Oct 25th when Battleground MMA comes to West Palm Beach. #floridamma #floridammastats #floridastats #floridammaevents