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At 305 Fights we strive to develop local Miami men and women on their journey not just in Martial Arts, but also as they rise in the journey of life. The word “rise” is derived from the German word “reisen” meaning “to rise for a journey” and “one who fights on behalf of others.”
We showcase the best local MMA Amateurs – highly skilled men and women who train hard, work hard, and study hard in their practice of The Arts. Whether on the road to earning a Title, or training in dance, art or music…they live by their energy, example and excellence inside the cage and out.
Combat Night

The very first Combat Night was held on January 21, 2012, in Tallahassee Florida. The event was held at The Moon, where both Mitchell Chamale and Josh Samman had fought professionally in the exact same venue years ago. Mitchell and Josh’s careers continued to progress since the days of fighting in Tallahassee, eventually to a point of being able to give back the same opportunities to a younger generation of athletes.

Since that day on January 21st, Combat night has hosted over 70 events, home to over 700 fights, and hundreds of athletes from all walks of life. From doctors and nurses, to lawyers and soldiers, real estate agents, college students, friends of ours, town bartenders, or sometimes troubled youths in need of something to focus their energy on. We have seen it all and one thing remains a constant; it is a positive experience in these folks’ lives.

All of us at Combat Night believe in giving back. Every event has a charity that we spotlight and our guests are able to donate to that charity during the event! To learn more about our charities or information about spotlighting your charity at an event, please visit our Sponsor page.
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We are a amateur MMA organization assisting, exposing, and introducing amazing new talent to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the preferred entertainment of today’s generation and the worlds fastest growing combat sport to date. We take Pride in our company and hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism, in order to provide our customers, sponsors and fighters, with only the best that MMA has to offer. Our goal at Premier Fight league (PFL), is to provide our customers with the highest quality of entertainment, through the standards of our venues and performance level of our fighters.
Rendirse Rage

Rendirse was conceived as an idea that we all face adversities in our everyday life.  Our brand has a message. Rendirse, Latin to submit, subdue to give up is to be looked at as how you should deal with issues that stand in your way through life. Our goal is to bring awareness that it is not just inside a cage or ring that these mountains must be overcome.  Our events and products are based around our beliefs as we watch warriors get locked into a confined area only to face their adversities.
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World Class Fight League

The World Class Fight League (WCFL) is Florida’s premiere Amateur MMA competition! We feature a variety of talented MMA fighters that travel across the US to compete in our exclusive invite only events! Our fighters are selected after they prove themselves to be aggressive, fearless, and highly skilled. Our exclusive and upscale MMA events are hosted in Tampa, Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale!

The WCFL is the official Amateur MMA organization in the Tampa Bay area for the RFC! Our WCFL MMA fighters are the best and they are one step away from turning pro! Scouts from the largest pro organizations such as the RFC and others, attend our events to determine who is worthy of receiving a pro MMA contract!