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Bigfoot beaten badly by Verhoeven in China

Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva fought ten times in four years. He won once, had a majority draw changed to a No Contest over issues around his then legal use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and lost eight, seven by knockout.

Then in an unconscionable booking, he was matched with Glory heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven. The Dutch champion is a decade younger, and in a reverse to Silva lost just one of his last ten, in fact of his last 14. And Bigfoot had never before competed in kickboxing.

 Silva’s manager is on record as saying he wished Bigfoot did not take the fight, but noted he needs the money.

The irresponsible fight went down in China this weekend.

The sole blessing here is that the referee stopped it so Silva was not beaten until he was completely unconscious.

“The low kicks were part of the gameplan,” said Verhoeven afterward, as transcribed by Darragh Murphy for SportsJoe. “He’s from MMA, so low kicks are different in the MMA game, so it was part of the game: hurt him on the leg and finish him on top.”